Sunday, January 31, 2016

Travel Tips at the 2016 Dallas Travel Adventure Show

Travel Tips at the Dallas Travel Adventure Show were everywhere.  Over two hundred booths had experts about how to have the perfect vacation.  The booths were arranged by country so it was convenient to see the choices from that area of the world.  The minute I stepped into the showroom I could hear the stomping of feet.  I went to the stage where live dancers displayed a unison of graceful movement as they represented their culture through dance.  I thought what a great way to begin a travel show, I have something lovely to photograph.

 A travel show is a wonderful place to ask questions.  Since I like taking photographs I was interested in travel tips about photography.  Photo Enrichment  Travel Company gave a great tip.  He said get out early to take photographs when the locals are going to work, taking their kids to school and the lighting is great.  I checked out his website and the photographs are spectacular.

  A section about Africa caught my eye because Zulu Nyala provided an opportunity to stay at a wildlife conservation refuge to protect Rhinos and other animals.  What a great way to take some fantastic photographs of wild animals and help them at the same time.

 China said you could take a twelve day tour with the added bonus of the Yangtze River Cruise for 1699 dollars.  However when I asked more questions it was not available in the summer when I have more time off.  Some of the adventures on the tour was to hike on the Great Wall, take a tour of a Pearl Factory, visit Summer Palace on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and view Tienanmen Square.   On the menu was Peking Duck for dinner.  I'd have to skip that meal because I love ducks.  Another Tour of China gave us a wonderful Travel Guide for free.

Rick Steves, our family hero gave a travel tip;   avoid crowds and don't travel in the summer.  I think he's right because some of our best vacations have been on spring break.  Venice was wonderful in March because it wasn't hot and little waiting in lines.   Rick said sit at a bench and discover the locals.  One of my favorite things to do in a country is just watch the people.  He also said to pack light.   All the husbands in the crowd looked at their wives with a glare.

 One of Rick's requirements for his tours is carry a small suitcase or backpack.  I'll have to work on that one.  I like to take a big bag so I can stuff souvenirs in it.  It's also reassuring to know I have enough clothes for two outfits a day.  One for day and one for evening attire when you go out to dinner.  I'm not sure how that could be possible in a small bag.  I guess you bring everything in black.  Even if I don't agree on the small bag advice Rick was a very enjoyable speaker who has a passion for history.  He said taking an art history class opened his eyes to culture in a new way.  His guide books are filled with fascinating stories that make the place you visit so much more interesting.  Rick Steves engages people because he is honest and wants everyone to have a terrific travel experience.

A highlight of the travel show was to see the cultural dancers move with joy.  I think a wonderful travel tip is to take the time to stop and listen when something amazing is happening even if it isn't on
your schedule.  You can feel it in your bones that what you are witnessing is full of energy and life.

Watching the dancers lift their dresses with the rhythm of the Spanish music reminded me of our trip to Spain last summer.  All of a sudden there was a band marching in the streets of Granada.  Sons were holding hands with their mothers as they got out of Mass.  A statue of Mary was raised to the sky as a sign of respect and adoration.  I cried it was so beautiful to watch the procession of people and life.

Enjoying great food is another travel tip people don't have a hard time following.  A live cooking show was demonstrating how to cook exotic Polynesian food.  In Spain a platter of assorted meats were cut from hanging hams.

Wedding Destinations is another important part of a travel show.    My husband's brother got married on the balcony of their favorite hotel in Maui.  It's sort of like eloping many years ago when you didn't want the hazzle of all the dos and don'ts of a marriage ceremony.  We got married in  the Methodist Church I was raised in.  My parents eloped because my mom didn't want to deal with certain stresses of getting married.  They were married over fifty years.   I love Catholics want to get married in the church and the ceremony is beautiful.
But even if you do get married in the church and don't do a Wedding Destination,  there's always the honeymoon.  I remember we took a Caribbean Cruise  and my husband gave me a lesson in how to put away your clothes neatly in the cabin.  At the travel show there were lovely ladies dressed in beautiful wedding gowns to get into the wedding destination travel spirit.

You don't have to go to Egypt to ride a camel.  The travel show provided an opportunity to ride on the back of a camel.
I think trying new things is a very important travel tip.  Sometimes it takes courage to get on top of a live animal and there is a degree of trust the guide will keep you safe.  Watching other people do it first gives some reassurance you won't fall off.  
Watching the camel eat was enough of an adventure for me.  I enjoyed just seeing the exotic camel upclose. I think travel adventures should be something you feel comfortable with.  

Some people plan their entire vacations around great places to scuba dive and snorkle.

  At the Dallas Travel Show you had the opportunity to see what's it like to  breathe underwater.  It's an experience people will always remember.  Memories make life special.

Rock climbing in exotic places like Nepal is a delight to some.  Children enjoyed rock climbing at the Travel Show as they reached new heights.  Didn't Mary in the Sound of Music sing a song about climb every mountain.  Our family took the Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg, Austria and went bobsledding down the mountain in the middle of summer, so it was a very happy memory savor.
Traveling is a way to find your inspirations.  What makes you smile?  What makes you wonder?  Come to the Travel and Adventure Show in your area and discover your next tourist destination.

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