Monday, February 29, 2016

Letting the Butterflies Go Free

Our Second Grade Class took a vote today and decided to let the Painted Butterflies go free.  We had watched them go from the larva stage to growing a pupa.

The butterflies attached themselves to the roof of the butterfly habitat.  
They had been in the pupa state for about a week. 

 We came back from the weekend today to see seven butterflies in the adult state.  But they were not free because they couldn't fly.  
The Painted Butterfly was beautiful under the netting.  But it wanted to be fee to sip nectar in the garden.
Our class took the butterflies outside and found the perfect place to let them free.  Neighbors behind our school loved to raise a garden and watch vegetables grow.  We all thought it was a safe place to let our butterflies go free.
One butterfly flew out of the netting quickly.  It saw the hole and escaped.  Another butterfly sat on the concrete and couldn't believe it was free.  We watched it sit for several minutes.  

All of a sudden we watched it decide to fly and go free to the blue sky.
The next butterfly was camouflaged in the green grass.  It was hiding on a brown leaf.   The class watched it just sit there and hide.  It was afraid to fly.  So I picked it up and held it to the air.  The butterfly felt free and decided to fly to the blue sky.  
Another butterfly was hiding in the netting.  It was afraid to venture outside.  So we took the netting completely off.  The butterfly then knew it was totally free and started flying to the bright blue Texas sky.  
We saw the butterflies fly to the flowers to sip nectar.  We saw the butterflies land on a nice green leaf.  We saw the butterflies flutter their wings to say I'm free. 

 I'm free to fly in the open air.

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