Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ten 20 Gallery Showcases Pop Art

Ten 20 Gallery opening night created a buzz in historic downtown Plano as a place for artists to show their creative works.

 The Gallery specializes in Pop Art, an art movement emerging in the 50's as mass culture imagery.  The place was filled with people excited to experience the creative expressions.

  Jorg's Cafe Vienna owner Jorg Fetcher,  and friend Jeff Bergus, owner of Lockhart Smokehouse collaborated as a team to create a unique experience. Ken Wesley of Supreme Dream Photography also helped to create the idea of showcasing local artists.  Jorg Fetcher used the opportunity to reveal some of his photography.  He used the use of lines and depth to draw you into the photograph.  .

 The gallery is located close to their restaurants so people can have a fun place to browse either before or after dinner.  Located at 1020 E. 15th St. in a red brick building perfect for the backdrop of Pop Art.   Johnny Cash, Cary Grant and Grace Kelly were one of the many entertainment icons represented.

 Pop Art uses images of popular culture through the use of irony. The movement started in Britain but is essentially an American Movement that spread to different parts of the world.  It was a reaction against Abstract Expressionism.  Jasper Johns was known as a bridge to Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art.   Andy Warhol used Marilyn Monroe and Campbell's Soup Cans as a marriage of advertising and the consumer culture. He pioneered  compositions and techniques that emphasized repetition.  He started as a magazine illustrator to create paintings of mass culture and media stars, The Pop Art movement believed art may borrow from any source.  They embraced the WWII manufacturing and media boom to interpret the art of popular culture.  Pop Art represented the  globalization of pop music and youth culture personified by the Beatles.
Roy Lichtenstein's developed a Pop Art style based on mass communication through comic strips.  He used black outlines with bold colors.  His subject matter changed to exploration of modernist art styles of Cubism, Futurism, Art Decco, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism.  Pop Art had a shock value that galleries embraced.  The use of line, shape, tone and color are compositional elements of Pop Art.
The art of contrast is shown in the paintings.

The position of line is important with the element of comparison to reveal cultural themes.  

Artist, Steve Uriegas was inspired by scriptures to paint an eagle in flight.  His technique was using angular strokes to create a meaningful painting of beauty and symbolism.

Sports figures reveal the culture of what people enjoy watching and idolize.  

Many artists were pleased because they sold artwork.  Visit Ten 20 Gallery to see what could fit in your home, or office.    Artists to view are:  Jorg Fercher, Jim Gaither, Toni Martin, Lailani Mekeell, Reyon Nurse, Kelly Steller Hrad, Holly Stipe, Steve Uriegas, Mark White, Douglas E. Winters III, and  Kiki Curry Winters, 

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