Thursday, February 25, 2016

Voting is A Responsibility

Voting is an American responsibility.  I did vote today and I feel good about that.  I participated in early voting so the crowds would not be long.  Women did not always have the right to vote.  It was apart of the 19th amendment for women to exercise their power and freedom to vote.  The right was won in the year 1920 for the United States.  The date is different for other countries  but women are exercising their right to vote in lands all over the world.  It gives power to an individual voice.

This voting period in the United States is very important because it decides who runs for President, Judges in power, propositions and many other positions in the political arena.
So get out and exercise your freedom to vote.  It was bought with a precious price.
Research and study which candidate will serve our country with honor and integrity.  I am not endorsing anyone I just plea for everyone to exercise their freedom.

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