Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dallas Arboretum

The Dallas Arboretum explodes with white blossoms from cherry trees each spring.  Mothers bring their strollers so their babies can enjoy the sun's rays and see radiate bursts of color.
Children, grandparents, newlyweds come to see the 66 acre botanical gardens located at 8617 Garland Road in East Dallas.  They stroll the winding paths to see white, yellow and buttercup tulips from the Netherlands.
Geophysicist Everette Lee DeGolyer and his wife Nell donated their home and gardens so generations can enjoy nature.  Ms. DeGolyer had a hobby of growing flowers and plants.  Her home is now on the National Register of Historic Places.  Since 1976 the Degolyer estate has formed the largest portion of the Dallas Arboretum. The 44 acre estate was known as Rancho Encinal.  Tours are available to see the 21,00 square foot Colonial Spanish Revival Style.

A trellis of Purple Wisteria adjoins her home with a beautiful patio. 
Wisteria drapes across the wooden structure for support.
Many photographers come to take a photo under the trellis for the perfect romantic shot.
Walk along the path to see the Woman's Garden with gardens and fountains. 
Fountains are a major part of Dallas Aboretum.  They are carefully displayed for the feeling of refreshment as the water gently falls over the ledge.

Plaques can be found for loved ones to be honored.  It takes a community to help the Arboretum grow and be maintained.
Alexa and Roberta Coke Camp estate increased the size of the grounds to sixty six acres.  
Many weddings have been held at the beautiful estate.  Brides must book ahead because it's very sought after.

Every season is beautiful at the Dallas Arboretum.  The sounds of water trickling down streams is everywhere.
Squirrels love to jump from tree to tree.  In spring time they find the nuts they buried in the ground for a tasty lunch.
Red Japanese Maple Trees thrive in Texas soil.
Chinese Snowballs blooms with a blend of white and mint green.
The Arboretum Children's Garden educates young and old with displays of facts about living vegetables found on our dinner table.
There's a new flower around every corner to treat the senses.
Ponds add to the peaceful atmosphere of the Arboretum.
Water crashes over stone ledges lined with Wisteria.

Mallard Ducks enjoy the insects in the natural habitat.
Come sit a while and smell the Cherry Blossoms in the spring.

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