Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Blessings

Mother's Day Blessings come in many packages.  Not every Mother's Day is perfect, but it is a day to show love.  My mom is suffering with back pain and unable to get around like she did.  Her days in the home with nursing care come with little joys like eating in the dining area.

I surprised her this Mother's Day with pink roses, chocolates and a card that says how much she is appreciated.  She can still read every word, repeating the phrases over and over.  She put up the card with the  heart opening and said I can see through it.

My mom loves boxes so I found this special one that she can keep cards or chocolates inside.

She opened  the box to see words of encouragement.   Faith heals.  During difficult times God is near, holding your hand.
As she went back to her room she kept asking her roommate over and over, "Are you okay?  How are you feeling? " 
I thought that is my sweet mom who thought about others even though her back hurts and she is in pain.  She rolled her wheelchair close to her bed and repeated gently are you going to be alright?  Her roommate had been in the hospital and had just come back to the room.  Her eyes were closed as she was getting treatments.  

Sometimes her eyes would reveal the pain she was feeling but there is also a peace.  
Mother's Day Blessings come is small packages.  My sons gave me pink tulips.  The same color my mother loves.  I thought of her as I poured water in the vase.  She always mentions my two wonderful sons with love and adoration.  Mother's Day is a time to show love.

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