Monday, July 4, 2016

Fourth of July

Fourth of July

Families unite together with blankets and chairs
Picnics prepared for a feast of hot dogs and brisket
Laughter, sparklers, children dressed in ruffled dresses of red white and blue
All saying we are here to be thankful
To celebrate the Declaration of Independence

Coolers packed with ice cold drinks
Take a sip
A cool breeze flows across the crowd
White puffy clouds float across the sky
As the opening act

Pie eating contests
I ate the whole thing
Apple, Blueberry, and Peach pies with flaky crusts
The bell rang
Contest over
I won!!!

Tractors pull guests
Community Workers Serve their time
Each sitting side by side on bales of hay
United in freedom
Children sit close to mom or dad
Families have different stories
Of how they came to America
But the story is the same
They came to America for a better life

Night falls
Glowing sticks of light wave in the darkness
It's a pattern of movement
Of joyful freedom
Happy Independence Day

Music unites generations
With the backdrop of our American Flag
Joyful sounds spring forth from trombones
Guitars are plucked with chords of past songs
Freedom rings Freedom rings

Loud explosions of light
Happy 4th of July to you
God Bless America
Home of the free
Our founding fathers said
All men are created equal

Light reflects across the faces of Americans
Red White and Blue flags are raised in the air
Smoke fills the night sky
Curved lines are arranged like giant sparklers of hope
Hope of raising children with the same freedoms

The grand finale of fireworks pop and crackle
Each face with aspirations
Friends and families holding each other close
Couples holding hands
Children looking up to the lighted sky
God Bless America Land of the Free
Stand beside her.


Red Strings said...

I was simply amazed at the architecture of this absolutely beautiful venue!! The environment was unbelievable. I was fortunate enough to visit venues Chicago like this, we found awesome things one after another after another.

Anonymous said...

You are doing fantastic work Sandra!!

Sandra Kent said...

Thank you very much for your positive feedback.