Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fort Worth Water Gardens

The Fort Worth Water Gardens is an urban water oasis in the middle of downtown.

  New York Architects Phillip Johnson and John Burgee designed the park as an escape for urban life.  It opened in 1974 as a renewal project to revitalize the downtown area. It was constructed by Thos. S. Byrne General Contractors based in Fort Worth.
The main attraction of the Water Gardens is the Active Pool.  Visitors can walk down steps into a small pool at the bottom.
People experience the power of rushing water crashing around them.
The blue meditation pool is surrounded by cypress trees with walls covered with a thin layer of water.
The water falls at a 90 degree angle into the sunken pool of reflective water.
Spray fountains that look like trees of mist form the Aerating Pool.  
The water of spray mist forms a bridge of delight to others.
The Water Gardens is free with the help of the Amon G Carter Foundation.  Amon created the Star Telegram, the newspaper that enriches Fort Worth with news of the day.  The Water Garden is open for all seasons to the public located between Houston and Commerce Streets.