Monday, January 2, 2017

Dallas Arboretum Holiday

Holiday at the Arboretum displays twenty five feet tall gazebos telling the story of the 12 Days of Christmas, Victorian style.  History and holiday traditions unite through the garden in each well thought out display   Many are unaware that the centuries old song of giving gifts teach hidden meanings to the teachings of  faith.   The song was created in England as a memory aid  to teach children basic truths.
Each scene uses whimsical animals, and costumed characters set up to tell the story of each day. 

Each display is created by local artists with details capturing the imagination of children.  The same artists create sets of the Dallas Opera.
In the song the Twelve Days of Christmas the 8 maids a milking was created to remind children of the 8 Beatitudes.  It also reminds us that not too long ago we got our milk from cows and not our local grocery store.  

The eleven pipers stand for the eleven faithful apostles.  Follow the large signs as a guide to the different songs.  

The four calling birds stand for the four evangelists and four gospels.  
A 30 ft Christmas tree decorated with silver and red balls has friends and families gathered around for a  holiday photo.  
Twelve drummers drumming symbolize the twelve points of doctrine in the Apostles's Creed.

Swans a swimming represent the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.  

Warmth and good cheer is felt as couples display their love and devotion.  The symbolic herb of mistletoe dates back a thousand years.  Many ancient cultures prized mistletoe for its healing properties. The Greeks were known to use it to cure spleen disorders.  The Romans  used it as a balm against epilepsy and ulcers.   

At night the gazebos light  up with 500,000 lights throughout the garden.  

The Dallas Arboretum is beautiful in all seasons of the year.  Cascades of waterfalls are discovered along the winding paths.  Fresh water hits the rocks with splashes of joy of the holiday season.  

People gather for weddings and special celebrations.  
Musicians play melodies of live music for a delight to the ears.
Reflections of traditions are everywhere in the holiday atmosphere.  

Gary Lee Price created this amazing sculpture for others to enjoy. 
Gary spends countless hours creating sculptures of inspiration.  His quest to lift the human spirit through sculpture is shown in each piece.

  Shakespeare would  have enjoyed visiting the Arboretum for ideas to create future plays.  People taking family photographs, couples getting engaged and daughters bringing their aging parents are possible topics Shakespeare could have woven into dialogue.
There are acres of grandeur spread across the Gardens.  Weddings, banquets and family gatherings reveal life is still vibrant.  A story is behind every corner.

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