Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo 2017 Judging Heifers How to Showcase

Controlling a large animal is not an easy task.  Before entering the ring, the halter must be on the steer.  The little circle goes around the animal's nose, and the bigger circle goes around the back of the animal's head behind the ears.  They tighten the halter by pulling on the rope.

The contestants are holding the halter in their right hand.  They place their thumb closest to their hand six to twelve inches from animal's head, near his nose.

Notice the show stick is in their left hand, pointing the hook down.  Animals will enter the show ring in a line.  When leading the steer, one hand is up by his nose and the other hand is on the end of the rope.  It is important to pull the rope and walk.  The steer will know to walk behind you.

If the heifer gets out of line, pull the animal in a clockwise circle to move him back into his proper place. Always look at the judges and do everything they tell you.  The judge signals it is time to walk the animal in a couple of circles.

Stop the animal with a side profile for viewing.  It is a good idea to have four to six feet between your animal and the one in front of you.  The purpose of the show stick is to set up the steer.  Take the stick and use the pointy end and poke the heifer in between the two hooves.

  This will make the hooves move backwards so they are lined up.

Step back to allow the judge a full view of the animal.  

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