Sunday, February 26, 2017

Texas Tulips in Pilot Point

The story begins with Piet and Afra Koeman who started an horticultural farm in the Netherlands.  They were known to grow tulips early in the season by covering the bulbs with plastic foil.  In 2011 Piet Koeman passed away so the family decided to change course to Texas.

The Koeman family opened a Tulip Farm located an hour north of Dallas in Pilot Point.  They navigated their lives to Texas because of many visits and thought the land of fertile soil would be perfect to grow tulips.  Texans have benefited from the decision.  Tulips in all colors are ready to be picked.

Grab a basket to pick your favorite color.

  It is only three dollars to enter the gate.  After that you can pick to your heart's desire.
Best girlfriends, families, sweethearts, and older couples come to enjoy the beauty of tulips.
Walk along the paths to find you favorite color
Each flower you pick is 2 dollars and fifty cents.
So each one is chosen with love.

Order your tulip bulbs at Texas  As they come up in early spring it brings a little piece of the Netherlands.  
Exotic varieties such as Monte Carlo, blooms early in the season.
A tulip statue stands tall on the ground to say tulips have an interesting past.  They were originally cultivated in present day Turkey during the Ottoman Empire.  Tulips were imported to Holland in the sixteeth century.  Carolus Clusius wrote about tulips growing in his garden.  People got so excited about tulips it created the first economic bubble known as "tulip mania."  

Bulbs became expensive because of supply and demand.  Everyone had to have them.  They became so popular bulbs were used as money.  

The love for tulips are spreading in Texas.  The word is out and the parking lot is full.

Grab a basket and start picking.

The owners children will wrap the flowers with a special tape so they are gorgeous. on your living room table.

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