Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Diff Family Night of Pete's Dragon

Dallas International Film Festival gave a free screening of the family movie: Pete's Dragon in the middle of downtown Dallas,  Families gathered their blankets and chairs to watch Pete fly in the air with his beloved dragon.

Mother's held their children close in the spring air.

Dad's played with their sons to cherish the moment of together time.
White fluffy dogs huddled close to their owners watching Pete on the big screen.

Children ran with delight.  We're going to watch a movie.  
" When does it start?'
Dogs made new friends asking each other ,
"Do you know why we're here?"
answering, "No but it's fun."
Cool stuff was handed out.
The Dallas skyline shimmered with lights.  
A little girl smiles to know she is about to watch the adventures of an orphaned girl.
The movie is coming on. Hurray! Sit on your blankets and enjoy.
Pete the dragon takes her to Giant Country to stop the man eating giants from invading human world.

Movies take us to fantasy worlds where characters overcome their fears.  It was a perfect evening.  Thank you to the Dallas International Film Festival that features over one hundred and fifty films to take the time to share this movie for free.

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