Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dolores Huerta Q and A at Diff

Dallas International Film Festival was honored to have Dolores Huerta come for a special Questions and Answers after the screening of her new documentary,  Dolores.

Her son Emilia Huerta escorted his lovely mother at the screening.  Love and respect for each other resonated as they answered the questions about their lives.

Yes sacrifices have to me made when your mother is a political activist for the Latino community.  She worked side by side with Cesar Chavez as they led marches to get peoples attention that a change has to be made.  Latinos can not continue poor wages and lack of basic necessities of life while picking crops for a living, The same cry for help was written about in the famous novel and movie called Grapes of Wrath.  The lead character from Oklahoma was also ridiculed because they were called Okies.  A famous scene in the movie describes how the family from Oklahoma reaches the promised land of California only to be told at the first stop you need to go home.  Since my parents lived through the dust bowl days of Oklahoma when my grandmother put a rag clothe over my mother's face to help her breathe through clouds of dust, the same cry for help is universal.  We all want a safe place to get a good education for our children and to live in peace.

Dolores led the crowd with the same voice of action.  We have power to change things.  Even though she is in her eighties now her eyes revealed strength and purpose.
Her heart wants others to believe no matter who you are you are important.  You are special.  It doesn't matter how rich or poor you are.  It doesn't matter the color of your skin.  You are created for a specific purpose.  Don't let anyone else tell you different.  
Dolores Huerta'as Documentary has been acquired by PBS for the North American theatrical and broadcast distribution.  The film is curruently on the festival tour and will be in theaters later this year.  #doloresthemove  .
Dolores is a lifelong community organizer who founded the United Farm Workers with Cesar Chavez in 1962.  She help lead the national boycott of Delano grapes that changed the opinion of people in power who's mind was influenced by money.  
The movie illuminates Huerta as a role model for women everywhere.  Dolores raised eleven children who are successful today.  Emilia Huerta is a powerful attorney and congressman in California. His mother led the example of helping others in hours of service for the community.   

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