Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day 2017

Our planet is a beautiful place to live.  April 22 2017 was a glorious day to celebrate Earth Day.  My first grade students made Earth Day Posters to celebrate!!!

 I was able to go outside in my backyard to enjoy bluejays, cardinals, and squirrels.

 The Dallas area had a horrible hailstorm the night before.  Scientists say a rise in temperature of one degree can cause severe weather changes.
I attended a gala gathering of filmmakers called EarthxFilm to showcase films and emerging media that explore conservation, climate change, and the environment.  
The gala was at the Butterfly House Discovery Gardens.
Insects were watching in their glass houses.  "What is this special event?" they wondered.

EarthxFilm achieve their goals by partnering with top environmental, film and entertainment organizations across the globe.  
EarthxFilm's Mission is to turn awareness into action, through art and media.  
"What action should we take?'asked the butterflies and beetles.

We should reduce, reuse and recycle and stop using so much fossil fuels.  

It takes a global commitment to accomplish the goals.  Happy Earth Day, a time to reflect.

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