Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge

You don't have to travel far in the Dallas Fort Worth Metropolis to discover a secluded Texas Landscape at the northeastern city limits of Fort Worth.  The Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge is actually on the city line.  Three thousand and six hundred acres are protected so hikers, families and couples can enjoy a piece of the outdoors.  A boardwalk was built overlooking wildlife that makes their habitat in waters.

You don't even have to get your feet muddy.  The wooden path takes you right over swampy places where Bullfrogs croak.

Go a little further along the path and see turtles with jigsaw shells on the protective back.
Tree stumps lie on the ground to tell a story.
The age of the tree lies in the center of the circles of history.
Water snakes swim with ease in the wetland areas of the refuge.
Take a closer look and you can see the length of the snakes winding body.
The Hardwick Interpretive Center is a great place to learn more about Texas Wildlife.

Exhibits of fossils tell a story.
Many classes are taught by the informed staff.
Learn about the many different types of birds.
Bright red Cardinals love to eat seeds in the garden area.
See Buffalo roaming on the Texas Plains.  
Bees are having a great time zipping nectar from sunflowers.
Tall grasses are a place for insects to hide.
Prickly Pear Cactus are native to the Texas Plains.
Wild red raspberries are ripe to pick.
Colorful seeds float in the air to produce new plants on a spring Texas day.
Patterns of nature are everywhere to be found in this special place of refuge.

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