Sunday, May 14, 2017

Lake Texoma Weekend Getaway

How to create a perfect Lake Texoma Weekend Getaway.  First pick the adorable lake house close to the water but surrounded by trees filled with birds chirping.  The home has enough chairs to relax and talk by the open fire.
There's a hammock to rock side by side while you read a good book.
There's a marina close by for a quick dinner if you desire at High Point Marina.
Watch a glorious sunset reflect on the sunlit waters of shapes and colors.
Listen to the sounds of birds chirping in beautiful Lake Texoma.
Birds are happy because there is Haggard Nature Reserve close by.
Hire a guide who knows where the Stripe Bass Fish hide in the crystal blue waters of Lake Texoma.
The boat may go up and down a little but the guide is taking you to the perfect spot.
He has special equipment so he knows where the fish are swimming to depths of 8 to 10 feet.
Pull on the line and wait to see the surprise.
Use  your muscles to real in the perfect catch.
The glorious Texas, Oklahoma sun reflects on
waters filled with wildlife.  Wild birds fly above the surface of the water.
Birds know where the fish are swarming in pools of fresh water.
Cook the delicious Stripe Bass fish on an open fire filled with smells of cedar burning.
Eat a delicious dinner of Creole spiced fish cooked on an open fire.  Yummy!!!!

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