Sunday, September 24, 2017

Plano Balloon Festival A Children's Story

Once upon a time there were a group of balloons who just wanted to play in the sky.

But they needed air in their balloon so they could grow.

"Who will help us they asked?"

'I will," said the man with the machine that made the balloons grow.  It was just before dawn and everyone asked how do we work together?

Another man said, 'We need fire to make us go higher."  The first to try was the multicolored balloon.
"Let's work together to make him grow.  We first have to lay out the soft fabric."

We lay it on the ground stretched  and straight in an open Texas Field in Plano where the land is flat.
"'It worked. I'm flying in the Texas Plano Sky with the help of fire."
Another striped balloon wanted to try.  The machine of air made him grow.

"I'm getting round and big just like my checkered friend.'  cried Striped.

Checkered said, "Look at me.  I'm floating with the help of the man in the basket who guides the balloon.'

"The fire makes us go higher."
Humpty Dumpty played peek a boo.
"Anybody see me,' he wanted to know.
Peg Leg Pete, The Pirate was hiding too.
'I'm off in the air", said Humpty Dumpty
Peg Leg Pete followed.
"It's fun to fly," said Humpty Dumpty.
"My feet just need to follow,"
High Jack was looking for his parrot.
Humpty was flying further away.
All of a sudden comes Lone Star.  He likes to fly alone.
Golden High was just getting off the ground.
Annie the Lady Bug prefers to stay on the ground.
Spyder Pig says. ' bye bye." to Annie the Lady Bug.

"Be careful," says Annie.  "Land on your four feet.'
High Kitty from Cedar Hill likes to scratch the clouds.
Who else will join us on the Launch Field Access?
It's the Lovebirds.  They love flying side by side with a smile on the face and a tweet in their eye.
Butterfly and Jolley The Baby Bee say, " I'll try."
Follow ReMax, the red white and blue balloon.
It was getting late and time to go home.
So all the friends help put everything up.
|"Let's take home a toy balloon so we can remember the fun at the Plano Balloon Festival.|"  say all of the happy but tired ballooons.  They went off to sleep very quickly after a fun day of flying.

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