Sunday, October 15, 2017

Autumn at the Dallas Arboretum

Autumn at the Dallas Arboretum is a blast to the senses as you walk into the magical place of bright orange pumpkins, people taking photos of their loved ones, and sweet flowers in the air.

Follow the yellow brick road to the enchanted world of make believe as Dorothy lands in the land of Oz.
Auntie Em misses Dorothy in her little pumpkin house.
The characters come alive as children walk through muchkin land and discover their favorite gourd.
Tom Thumb helped to sponsor the land where children can take a pumpkin home.
Tin Man says I want a pumpkin too.
Scarecrow just needs to be with his friends.
Welcome to Emerald City.
A white carriage framed with hearts will take you to any destination.  
Pumpkins with long stems shine with the backdrop of yellow flowers.
They come in all shapes and sizes.
"I found the perfect shape," says a little muchkin.
Bees buzz with delight because Autumn is perfect for sipping sweet nectar.
Purple and Red horses carry you to a fun day in the sun.
Seventy Five thousand pumpkins are placed so children and adults will feel the spirit of Autumn.
Bring your loved one to this magical place.

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